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Vials for oncology

Filling of liquids
Oncotec is specialized in the filling of aseptic liquids. Their manufacturing is carried out under the strictest hygienic standards assured by isolator protection. Our internationally operating customers distribute the liquids as, among other things, sterile solutions for injections. Bulk-manufacturing is done in separated systems.

Oncotec possesses freeze-drying systems, which freeze-dry fillings of liquids under isolator-protection.
Liquids are freeze-dried in pierceable cap-vials. One focus is the development of cycles for freeze-dried products in the laboratory freeze-drier. This is where Oncotec benefits from its many years of practical experience with cytotoxic substances. Cycle-determining system parameters optimize the drying operation – in terms of both time and quality. Customer benefits: lower production costs and approval-relevant process data. The drying procedures guarantee a rapid scaling-up process from the laboratory to the production scale of commercial batches.

Key facts

Liquids-Filling Line 1 (Groninger)   Liquids-Filling Line 3 (Groninger)
Oncotec Auftragsfertigung - Vials

           Oncotec Auftragsfertigung - Vials

  • Vial-washing machine
  • Depyrogenation tunnel
  • 2-Station filling machine
  • Stopper-placer
  • 12 m² freeze dryer (Christ)
  • Crimping machine (CAC A)
  • Vial-sizes: 2 – 200 ml
  • Max. filling-speed (20 ml): 3.000/h
  • Vial-washing machine
  • Depyrogenation tunnel
  • 4-Station filling machine
  • Stopper-placer
  • 2 x 14 m² freeze dryer (Klee/Optima)
  • Crimping machine (CRC A)
  • Vial-sizes: 6 – 100 ml
  • Max. filling speed (20 ml): 20.000/h


Visual inspection expertise
A new building completes the fully-automatic visual inspection of syringes (Manufacturer: Innoscan) and the semi-automatic visual inspection of vials (Manufacturer: Seidenader). This guarantees safe and efficient processes. 

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