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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy (EHS)

As a responsible and future-oriented pharmaceutical company, we consider occupational safety, health and environmental protection as well as product safety as significant corporate goals.

We consequently implement regionally, nationally and internationally valid standards for the production and verification of our pharmaceutical products and minimise risks for people and environment by meeting relevant laws, ordinances and regulations.

For this, we have implemented internal responsibilities. We have also closed contracts with external partners, who verify the compliance and observance with the standards on a regular basis. Through preventive and corrective measures, we additionally ensure a constant improvement of our services in the fields of occupational safety, product safety as well as health and environmental protection.

This results in the following guidelines at Oncotec:

  1. We support and encourage open, respectful and appropriate communication with our employees, suppliers, business partners, customers and with the relevant authorities.
  2. We offer our employees versatile measures for health care, personal further development as well as safe and healthy working conditions.
  3. By means of goal-oriented training measures in the fields of work protection, product safety, fire protection and disposal, we increase the awareness of our employees to support a responsible, sustained conduct and behaviour in compliance with safety requirements even further.
  4. All facilities, protection systems and work equipment are inspected as well as maintained and serviced on a regular basis.
  5. For all activities performed in the Company, hazard assessments are constantly executed and, if applicable, measures are initiated to exclude safety risks for our employees and third parties.
  6. We aim at minimising the consumption of resources and energy as well as emissions and waste resulting from this. By doing so, we contribute to an environmental friendly and sustained development.

The explicit responsibility of the Board of Management as well as the cooperation and support of all executives have helped to successfully transpose these ambitious guidelines into our daily business.

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