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Excursion day at Oncotec – Freie Schule Anhalt

On Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, an excursion day took place at Oncotec as part of the "Laboratory internship" project week at the Freie Schule Anhalt in Köthen. The Freie Schule Anhalt is a state-approved integrated comprehensive school that is independently sponsored. The school is run by the Verein Gemeinschule Anhalt e.V.
The 21 students were accompanied by their biology teacher Ms. Liebing and the managing director Mr. Makk. After a welcome and the Oncotec presentation by Ms. Richter, the important and necessary training on how to behave in the clean room took place. The subsequent tours of our premises took place in the control laboratory, in the final optical inspection and in production. On our 2n line, the students even had the opportunity to try out the glove interventions and came to the conclusion that it was not that easy to work with them and that it certainly required some practice. The students were also allowed to try their hand at the GFS hand sighting and one or the other talent could be recognized. What we noticed was that almost all of the students were well informed about Oncotec. They were open, very polite and very interested, even asking well thought-out questions after initial reluctance.

The students also reported on the day at Oncotec from their point of view:

"Never entered a real clean room or experienced a chemical laboratory? The NaWi(e) practical project week at Freie Schule Anhalt for grades 12 makes it possible!

Arrived in Dessau-Roßlau at the pharmaceutical company "Oncotec", which manufactures sterile cytostatics, we went on a tour of discovery. First we were introduced to the company with its numerous facets. After the visitor guidelines were put to our hearts, the three-part tour began. We went through the production and goods control, as well as the laboratory. A wealth of information and impressions poured in and in the end we were allowed to work on an unused production machine. In the laboratory, too, we experienced first-hand the day-to-day work of a chemical technician, with two of them explaining and demonstrating their current work to us.

f.l.t.r. Ms. Liebing, Mr. Makk, 12th grade students, Dr. Beck, Mrs. Pannicke
Photo: Mrs. Schön

All in all, the excursion to "Oncotec" was an impressive experience that we will remember for a long time. Thank you for the organization! "

12th grade students at the Freie Schule Anhalt

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